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The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain - 810 Words

Before Mark Twain started to write two of his most famous novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark was known to use his characters to display his own thoughts and opinions. â€Å"This device allowed him to say just about anything he wanted, provided he could convincingly claim he was simply reporting what others had said.† (Twain, 1283). Mark Twain used this process to be a foundation of his lectures, by manipulating his popularly with his readers. During the story of Huckleberry Finn, the impression of racism, slavery, and religion were stated on the first few chapters. Surprisingly, this is not the reason that Mark Twain’s book was banned from schools, instead it promoted rebellion behavior that school districts did not want to teach their children about. â€Å"Huck Finn was banned in many libraries and schools †¦ denounced in pupils not for its racial content but for [it’s] supposedly encouraging boys to swear, smoke, and run away.† (Twain, 1284). This is important to know because of this book banishment, Mark Twain skillfully wrote his attitude towards racial discrimination and religion was not the reason for the limited restrictions on his book. Before the first chapter, Mark Twain leaves a notice and explanatory for the audience to read. â€Å"[P]ersons attempting to find moral in it will be banished† (Twain, 1289). This statement gives the reader a caution sign and a hook before reading the first sentence of Huckleberry Finn’s story. Mark TwainShow MoreRelatedThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain830 Words   |  3 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is â€Å"A Great American Novel†, because of its complexity and richness. Twain writes dialogue that brings his characters to life. He creates characters with unique voice and helps the reader connect to the book. Anyone who reads it is forced to develop feelings for each character. Even though there is a great amount of controversy over the use of some choices, such as the â€Å"n word†, it makes the book more realistic. In the beginning of the novel Huck,Read MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1103 Words   |  5 PagesDmitri Van Duine Jr English Mr. Nelson November 27th The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Written by Mark Twain filled his stories with many examples of satire as to convey a message while also writing an interesting story. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn revolves around the adventures of a young boy called Huckleberry Finn, who is about thirteen years old. Tom Sawyer is Huck’s best friend and around the same age as Huck. He is onlyRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesZambrano Mrs. Patmor AP Lit-Period 5 28 September 2016 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1835 Mark Twain embodies realism in almost every aspect of his writing not excluding The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which in he portrays such a lifelike setting that it almost gives you this sense of reality through the point of view of a young man that has an urge for freedom yet struggles to conform to society s norms due to his adolescence. Twain s ability to unmask the true identities of the charactersRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain931 Words   |  4 PagesWolski Mrs. Goska English 2H Period 3 22 October 2014 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mob mentality is the way an individual’s decisions become influenced by the often unprincipled actions of a crowd. Mark Twain penned The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain grew up in America’s southern states during the early 1800’s, a time in which moral confusion erupted within the minds of humans. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn s protagonist is a young boy named Huck who freely travels alongRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1375 Words   |  6 Pagesmention the years spent growing and maturing physically. Teenagers are stuck in an inbetween state where they must learn who they want to become and what they want to be when they grow older. The same is true for Huckleberry Finn, from the book â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain. This is a book that was written in a time of great confusion over moral codes and standards. It was a world split in half by two different worlds of people; those who opposed, a nd those who promoted slavery.Read MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain2083 Words   |  9 PagesSatire in Huckleberry Finn In the novel â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain, we are told a story about a young boy and his slave companion’s journey down the Mississippi River and all of their encounters with other characters. Twain constructed a beautiful narrative on how young Huck Finn, the protagonist in the story, learns about the world and from other adult characters, how he is shaped into his own person. At the time this book was made however, this novel provided serious socialRead MoreMark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1575 Words   |  6 Pages Mark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Controversy Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, is a highly recognizable figure in American literature. Born in Florida, Missouri Mark Twain and his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri where Twain discovered and fell in love with the mighty Mississippi River. The river and his life in Hannibal became his inspiration and guiding light in most of his writing. Although Twain loved the river and did a great deal of traveling, he eventuallyRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1005 Words   |  5 Pages In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain in the 19th century is about a young boy named Huck Finn and Jim, a runaway slave who go on an adventure. The two travel on a raft along the Mississippi river creating a bond and making memories. Mark Twain presents Huckleberry Finn as a dynamic character who at first views Jim as property and eventually considers Jim as a friend, showing a change in maturity. In the beginning of the book, Huck Finn clearly sees Jim as nothing more thanRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1335 Words   |  6 Pagesyear The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is placed in the top ten banned books in America. People find the novel to be oppressing and racially insensitive due to its frequent use of the n-word and the portrayal of blacks as a Sambo caricature. However, this goes against Mark Twain’s intent of bringing awareness to the racism in America. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is classified under the genre of satire and is narrated by a fictional character named Huckleberry Finn. The novelRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1773 Words   |  8 PagesKnowing about Mark Twain’s work, personal life and family it is clear he is a champion of racial equality. During the most racial times of America he wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn a book setting in a 1830s southern American so ciety. Twains delivers the story with all the traditions and customs of an American society. Twain tries to show the wrongness in society, focusing racism and equality. By doing this Mark Twain and his work was both alleged to be racist. The irony is most of the reading

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ESL and American Students What’s the Friendship Like

Most American students like having international students on campus and would even like to see more of them. But why are they not building friendship? Most American students have only a few international friends or less and an even lower percentage of international students claim to have a few American friends. To build these friendships it is important to understand the cause of the disengagement and how to engage in building new friendships between ESL and American students. Disengagement Cultural and course choice can play a role in the disengagement of American and international students. Some students claim not to make efforts to get to know one another because they are not in the same class or organizations. Culture likely plays a role in what organizations students choose to belong to. Another reason for the disengagement is clearly comfort levels. Some students are not comfortable trying to interact with students from other cultures and few struggles through stepping out of their comfort zones to these valuable new friendships. Communication or lack thereof may be why interacting with those of other ethnicities and cultures can be so uncomfortable for both groups. Who’s To Blame? It may not come as surprise to anyone but both groups place the blame on the other for the disengagement and lack of friendships. International students often have a perspective that American student groups are hard to break into and that Americans are uninterested in getting to know them. Likewise American students tend to feel that international students flock together and stay to themselves rather than mingling with the American students. It is difficult to say who the true blame for the lack of friendships falls on. Most American students believe it does not take extra effort to become friends with international students while an extremely low percentage of American students concur with this belief. Due to America being such a melting pot most American students claim to become friends with whomever they encounter during the day and do not see differences in others. Perspectives The key to closing the disengagement gaps could be changing perspectives of both American and international students. International students typically do feel American students are friendly yet unwilling to get to know them. Few American students’ judge international students on their looks, scents, and culture and most simply see them as unique individuals. Both groups may find the other interesting but be taken back by the lack of communication not wanting to offend the other. Close That Gap There are steps both international and American students can take to bridge the disengagement gap and build friendships, which basically include involvement in groups that offer a diverse group of interactions. Find a common activity or organization that offers a diverse balance of students an opportunity to get to know one another. This may need to be intentional if you look around yourself and find your friends are not a diverse group. Seek out multicultural events, organizations, and teams. Take some time to reach out to someone who may be a bit different than you and get to know them. The friendships that will be built will be well worth the effort.

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Core Values Free Essays

Family is my most important core value. Family brings out the best and worst in each of us. As we yield to and serve others we learn to love them and ourselves in the process. We will write a custom essay sample on Core Values or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many of us could never approach this form of selflessness in any other way. I believe having my family as my core value will allow my life to be great because I have a strong support system surrounding me. My mom is a great example of someone who admires the meaning family. It has helped her through the toughest parts of her life she said. The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals. † My second core value is loyalty. Loyalty is simply the act of putting someone or something else ahead of one’s self. If I stay true to people and they know I will be there no matter what, I will be able to gain not only their trust and respect but they will in return be loyal to me. Loyalty and respect for me is about a sense of belonging to something greater than myself. Loyalty will allow me to progress throughout life by helping me gain friends that know I will behind them. In my life I watch my grandma be loyal to my grandpa for 27 years. She said her best years of her life were spent with him. I have adopted the value of hard work through examples of my family, teammates, and coaches. Throughout my life, and every little step of progress I’ve made I’ve always came back to the same conclusion hard work is a requirement to success. The more I’ve accepted that I need to work hard, the more progress I made toward my goals. A great example of how hard work as improved my life is that in every single job I have had I have received a raise. A person who has shown extremely hard work through his life is Thomas Jefferson. â€Å"I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. † Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States (1801–1809) and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776). The value of friendship is something that few people take time to really appreciate. When you need a friend, you realize just what kind of value friendship holds. Everyone values friendships, but it’s especially important because I live on my own hours away from my family. It provides someone to talk to and hang out with on a regular basis. Another well learned message from friendship is the value of companionship. I believe everyone one who has a friend is a perfect example for someone who has had their life improved by this value. A decade long study conducted by the Center for Aging Studies at Flinders University, Australia showed proof for my statement above. The study involved about 1,500 elderly people and revealed that those who have a large network of friends tend to live longer by about 22% than those who have the least number of friends. I aim for growth in most aspects of my life. Personal growth is a critical component to my psychological well-being. Personal growth involves being conscious of my thoughts, feelings, prejudices, and judgments and using this personal knowledge to act with mindfulness and in greater accordance with my values and potential. Being a college student is the perfect time to enhance my personal growth, because it is the time in my life where I have to learn to live on my own and decide my own future. The biggest part of personal growth for me is learning how to perceive my feeling and thoughts. For example, if I think life is a struggle, it will be a struggle. If I think I am tired, I will become tired. If I believe I am happy, I will see things appear that make you happy. Our thoughts are like a big magnet. Freedom is a value that’s really strong within me. Freedom is something I value on all plains of life, from the physical freedom of movement to the mental freedom of thought and decisions. This value sets a clear direction for me, both to actively attain freedom and to prevent me from doing things that might limit my freedom in the future. I obtain this value throughout my younger years of my life when I was continuously getting in trouble and had my freedom of lunch and sports taken away from me. My best example of someone who admires freedom as a value is my dad. My dad went to jail for 5 ? ears and now he is less reckless, insuring that he will not go back to jail. I’m here to have lots of fun. I love laughing. Good hearty laughter helps release enzymes and hormones that are helpful for normal functioning of various organs. In addition laughter reduces the levels of certain hormones, namely cortisol, growth hormone, epinephrine and dopac, which are associated with stress response. I am a strong believe in living live to the fullest and to do so I need to be having fun while doing it. Time is too precious not to have fun, but it’s so easy to let it slip. Sometimes we’re just too serious and it’s so easy to get caught in that atmosphere. I’m dedicated to have fun and not let this happen anymore. Not to me, and if I can, not to anybody. Love is a central theme in my life. I need love and have a lot of love to give. Love for life, for people, for animals, for nature, for beautiful things, for the things I do and so on. But the most important is the love for my family and friends. Love can make me happy as if I was in a heaven, while being miserable and disappointed in love can make me feel like the whole world has fallen apart. I have learned to love wisely, love will not hurt me, and instead it will lead me to a healthy life. An example of the benefits of love for others is in a case study. Love results in more activation in the part of the brain that keeps pain under control. A study of 127,000 adults confirmed that married people were less likely to complain of headaches and back pain. The reduced stress level also leads to pain relief, especially if you suffer from things such as chronic headaches. How to cite Core Values, Essay examples Core Values Free Essays Marco Aurelien Period 1st Mr. Hill British Lit Beowolf: To leave or not to leave In many ways the ancient Greek and Roman of Beowulf times are intertwined with the modern lives that all of us lead today. These antiquities affect us beyond the obvious government, theatrical, and social practices. We will write a custom essay sample on Core Values or any similar topic only for you Order Now The core values of this era mirror and shape our modern core values and morals of today. Pietas – loyalty, gravitas – seriousness, and dignitas – respect are all things that were seen as important at this time period just as they are seen as important in todays world. It is easy to talk about the obvious positive traits that characters have shown in the epic novels or poems we have read but it is more interesting to look at the shadows on grey in a person to show the realism within. The more difficult way of comparing these different eras is to look at the morals and core values that the citizens lived by. Pietas, gravitas, and dignitas, are three general core values that every one in society must show and live by on a daily basis. In Beowulf, he had the task to going up against what seemed to be an undefeatable and despised monster that could ultimately lead to his demise. Most would say that Beowulf should a large amount of bravery and Gravitas to go and venture to Denmark to defeat Grendel. Another vantage point is that in actuality Beowulf lacked Pietas to his nation in leaving to fight a battle that was not his own. Though his father had left him in debt of a favor to King Hrothgar, it was his own choice to follow in his father’s footsteps as a warrior. Beowulf was an exemplary example of Dignitas in all aspect of his life, as a role model and giving and commanding respect from everyone. These core values still surround us in modern times everyday and are necessary in order to succeed in life. A student must exhibit all of these things if they are attempting to become a well-rounded scalar and human being. If everyone demonstrates pietas, or loyalty, towards his or her community and school they will have a strong support system around them allowing them to reach their true potential. Students should have a certain level of gravitas, or seriousness, in order to create a safe and effective learning environment for not only his or herself but for everyone around them. While it is important for students to have pietas and gravitas is even more important that that student had dignitas, or respect, for others and for themselves. Everyone may believe that Beowulf exhibited the core values at all times but it can be proven that he did not. These ancient values are as relevant as possible in the modern day world. We may have been able to do without theater or even a democratic political system but if people began living without pietas, dignitas, and gravitas society would fall apart. The modern citizen must exhibit all of these core values if they expect to be successful and if they do they are eventually going to do well in life. How to cite Core Values, Papers

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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Question: Discuss about Criminology. Answer: Introduction Studying Criminology provide Criminologists the opportunity to test hypotheses on criminals intensions and applicable punishments. Some of the general crime-fighting procedures and tactics were started as experiments which were projected by criminologists considered to check what could be the most effective crime diminishing method. According to my opinion, the field of criminology offers distinctive and thrilling opportunities to establish career. Criminology is the combination of studies like sociology, psychology, as well as criminal justice that results in a unique experience of educational and career. Those who wish to do a Master of Science in Criminology are always prepared with all the resources and ways to facilitate combating present days criminal activities. Every now and then, specialists of Criminology work in an unsung manner and scrutinize the causes and effects of every crime along with examining criminal behaviors. These individuals try to bridge the gap by finding and inspecting clues and work religiously to find out the culprit by the means of their criminological expertise. They also work to support law enforcement and the criminal justice industry by utilizing their solution-finding skills and anticipation measures. Following are the probable career opportunities that are closely associated with Criminology: Criminal Profiler Criminologist Loss Prevention Manager Fraud Specialist Field Investigator Forensic Psychologist Correctional Counselor Policy Analyst Senior Probation and Parole Officer Paralegal Criminal Investigator Intelligence Analyst According to my perspective, following are the reasons why one should go ahead and start a successful career in criminology Career Opportunities It is highly expensive to pursue career options with a Criminology degree. Irrespective of an individuals interests and background, the person will find ample prospects to build his/her career in Criminology and Criminal Justice. The best part in getting a Criminology degree is that whatever basics they learn during the education program, they get the chance to utilize that knowledge once they start working in this field. One can find above listed job profiles in local, state as well as federal law enforcement, government correction facilities, intelligence agencies, the judicial system to address a few. Often, Criminologists get placed from any of the mentioned threefold areas: as a guide (to govern and resolute conflicts), assessing human behavior in various establishments, and to help curtailing cybercrime and cyber-terrorism. Exponential expansion in professional network Individuals that pursue a degree in criminology, from the very beginning they work and interact with top faculty very closely. The interaction may also include conversation and working with professionals that have years of experience in the field of Criminology working for top agencies and governments. Students get a chance to work very closely with the faculty and they also assist these students to achieve success in the academic program. Students find themselves with easy access to opportunities for doing internship and practical experience that helps them complementing their educational program. Financial Growth An educated professional who belongs from this industry generally expects higher remuneration rather than average salaries. Alike other industries and work fields, wages differ in the field of criminology. However, as per the Bureau Labor of Statistics, for sociology career prospects like psychotherapy, forensic psychology and juvenile workers, the year 2012 median disbursement was yearly $59,970. For law enforcement employees such as detectives and forensic specialists, the average pay was yearly $74,300 as of the year 2012. Opportunity to gain experience in a very prompt way If an individual is looking to switch his/her current job, a degree in criminology has the potential to quicken the process of acquiring a new job that will help you to build your career. Their experience of working with advanced technology and experienced staff will provide them all the required resources for quick learning, real-world application teachings, and assist you for preparing his/her criminology career. The criminology faculty is comprised with modern and/or ex-practitioners and researchers who stay updated with their teaching process and offer proficient information in their respective fields. within a very short period of time, the student will be able to pursue the career in criminology, in spite of their educational and professional backfground. A total unique professional life If an individual is seeking a career that is full of excitement and always motivating, a career in criminology is the best and apt choice. As an example, a typical day of a forensic investigator may include investigating a crime scene, working with law authorities at the crime location, or even examining evidence in the clinical laboratory. Likewise, a cybercrime analyst uses data mining to pull out data from web related crimes, like identity theft, data breach or assist building programs for the purpose of defending online safety. Being a Criminology major student, I once had an opportunity to visit a crime scene. The incident was related to a murder near my locality. A lady along with her baby boy was straggled in this case. I saw how the well known criminologist, Mr. Thomas Dobson and his assistant, Lewis Hadley investigated the crime scene. They took several photographs of the victims, they collected some probable clues related to the murder. They also collected samples of fingerprints obtains from various objects kept in the crime scene. I knew Mr. Dobson as one of my university guest faculties. He only asked me to visit the scene along with him. This way I had a chance to have a real time understanding of the investigation process. Eventually after 27 days of the gruesome murder, the culprit was arrested by police from a distant location. It was really a great experience of mine to learn the investigation process from one of the industry maven. Conclusion The drive behind the field of criminology and criminal justice is entirely motivated by the aspiration of helping people as well as their communities. Pursuing a criminology career lets one to have a feeling of being closely-connected with the community and empowered to aid others. Irrespective of working in public strategy or on a crime scene, the individual will stay lively in their respective communities and will try to work hard to prevent any crime from occurring, at the same time as assisting others. In a nutshell, a Master's Degree in Criminology provides individuals the prospect to affect criminal activities in an optimistic manner. Bibliography: Albanese, J. (Ed.). (2014). Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Volume 1-5). DeMichele, M. (2014). Studying the community corrections field: Applying neo-institutional theories to a hidden element of mass social control.Theoretical Criminology,18(4), 546-564. McGloin, J. M., Nguyen, H. (2013). The importance of studying co-offending networks for criminological theory and policy.Crime and networks, 13-27. Morizot, J. and Kazemian, L., (2014). The Development of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior. Springer. Newburn, T. (2017). Criminology. Routledge. Siegel, L. J. (2016). Criminology: the core. Cengage Learning. Valverde, M. (2014). Studying the governance of crime and security: Space, time and jurisdiction 1. Criminology Criminal Justice, 14(4), 379-391.

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Tragedy in Shakespeare (Power, ambition and tragedy) an Example of the Topic Literature Essays by

Tragedy in Shakespeare (Power, ambition and tragedy) INTRODUCTION William Shakespeare is arguably the best playwright in the entire illustrious history of English Literature. He is known for his versatility in the sense that he has enthralled audience with his comedies, tragedies as well as historical plays alike. He obviously occupies the centre stage in English plays. Need essay sample on "Tragedy in Shakespeare (Power, ambition and tragedy)" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed However, he is best known for his tragedies that never fail to overwhelm the audience and are famous for being realistic and yet fantastic. In most Shakespearean tragedies that have a political back drop, we find that power and ambition play an extremely important role in taking the plot to its climax and ultimately become responsible for the tragic end that befalls the hero. In this paper, we shall attempt to explore this interesting relationship between power, ambition and tragedy (or justice of fate) as illustrated in Shakespearean plays. We shall use as study, two of Shakespeare's very famous tragedies- Macbeth and Coriolanus. In order to understand this intriguing relationship between power, ambition and tragedy, it will be fruitful to first look into the very concept of tragedy in Shakespearean plays. An analysis of the tragedies reveals that Shakespearean tragedies are based on Aristotle's concept of tragedy as defined by the Greek master in his Poetics. The most important element of a tragedy, according to Poetics, is the concept of the hamartia or the tragic flaw. The hero, the main protagonist or the central character is shown to us as a noble person with greatness of stature and strength of character. He is presented as the near perfect man with larger than life qualities. The audience is forced to look up to such a character with appreciation and awe. However, the hero has a 'tragic flaw'. This is a flaw in his character which invites tragedy and brings about the tragic downfall of the hero. Thus, it is to be noted that the tragedy is seen partially as a work of destiny and partially as a consequence of the hero's hamartia. MACBETH: Macbeth is a story of how ambition corrupts men and drives them to evil ends. The hero, Macbeth is a noble man, a brave soldier and he is looked upon by the common people. The king also considers him a worthy general and thinks highly of him. Thus, he is a hero in the actual sense of the word until we encounter his tragic flaw. He hears some prophecies made by the witches about his becoming the king in the near future. Blinded by ambition and egged on by his wife, Macbeth kills the noble king in order to take on the throne. Later, we find that the king's death is avenged and Macbeth falls into disgrace and finally dies. We find therefore, that Macbeth's tragic flaw was ambition. He was an almost ideal human being in the beginning of the play. But as the plot builds up, we find him plotting and planning to kill his master and his guest, the King Duncan. Thus, it is ambition that drives him to hatch such an evil plan; it is ambition that causes him to fulfill his desire of becoming king by killing the present King Duncan; it is ambition that corrupts such a noble man and makes him stoop down to such lowly levels. Macbeth's good character and noble bearing do create a dilemma for him. It is seen that he reasons with his conscience while hatching the plot to kill the king. He realizes that King Duncan shall be his guest that evening and how immoral it is to stab an unsuspecting guest; he also knows that the King is noble and has not indulged in any wrong-doing to deserve such a death. His inner voice or the voice of his goodness keeps on asking Macbeth to re-consider his decision to kill the king. However, the tragic flaw (of obsessive ambition) in his character intervenes, overpowers his goodness and reason and compels him to take this extreme step. Also, we find later that once he has secured his throne through murder, he is willing to repeat his evil acts to ensure that it is his progeny (and not Banquo's, as revealed by the prophecy) that inherit the throne. He plans to kill Banquo and his son to make this possible. Thus, we see that ambition does not let him be content. It drives him to more evil, makes him commit more vile acts and finally leads to his tragic disgrace and death. CORIOLANUS Coriolanus is one of the less famous tragedies written by William Shakespeare in 1607-08. This play is not one of the best plays written by the great playwright. As his penultimate tragedy, Coriolanus does not boast of immortal heroes like Othello, Macbeth or Julius Caesar, nor does it have the intricate plot of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. However, its appeal lies in the subtle and intentionally ambiguous portrayal of political drama and viewpoints. The political debate it generates is noteworthy. The story revolves around the hero Caius Marcius (later Coriolanus) who is a proud soldier and his deeds of valor are famous all over Rome. His brave exploits in the war against Volscians have won him admiration in the king's court and also his given name Coriolanus. However, below this seemingly flawless exterior lies his tragic flaw. It is revealed that Coriolanus has autocratic tendencies and an extremely bourgeois attitude. He considers the common people as lowly and not worthy of his attention. He deeply resents the fact that he to canvass for votes in front of the plebeians. In short, he seems to be drunk on the aphrodisiac of power. It is power that blinds him to the importance of democracy. In rage against the people of Rome, who he considers responsible for his exile, he makes peace with the enemy army of Volscians. To get back his lost power and prestige, he concocts the wicked plan of waging war against Rome. So hell bent upon seeking power he is, that he refuses to relent even when his closest and dearest friends come to make him see reason. Finally when his mother begs him to give up his insane plans, he relents and moves back to Antium, the centre of Volscians. It is here that tragedy actually befalls Coriolanus. His ally, the Aufidius (General of the Volscians) becomes jealous of Coriolanus' rising power and declares that their failed campaign to Rome is due to the treachery of Coriolanus. The hero is assassinated by Aufidius' men. Thus we see that power plays a very important in the tragedy. In the first part, we see how power corrupts Coriolanus and makes him forget all reason. He stoops down so low for power that he actually makes peace with Volscians and gets ready to wage a war over Rome. All his valor and bravery that had earlier made him a heroic figure now seem to be a thing of the past. We see him as a villain plotting against his own native land to restore his lost status. Power therefore corrupts a good man and makes him vile. In the last part of the play, we see how power games finally lead to his death. His rising popularity in Antium makes Aufidius insecure and in order to remove Coriolanus from power, Aufidius declares him traitor and causes his assassination. Thus, power makes Coriolanus transform into an anti- hero and it is the power game that finally brings about his end. CONCLUSION It can thus be concluded that both power and ambition cause the tragedies in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Coriolanus. Both heroes have their tragic flaw and fall prey to ambition and power respectively. Their good conduct, noble bearing, strong character and bravery are all left behind once they become overly ambitious and wish to be more powerful than they already are. However, this does not teach that ambition and power are in themselves evil. It just brings home the message that when these become uncontrolled and occupy the mind of man like a passion and obsession, they drive men to limits and cause them to do despicable and wicked acts. The tragedy of Macbeth and Coriolanus is a direct consequence of their extreme ambitions and their willingness to leave behind all their virtues for power. This powerful message is one of the reasons why the tragedies of Shakespeare are so loved and respected. WORKS CITED Greek Theory of Tragedy: Aristotle's Poetics, A Guide to the Study of Literature: A Companion Text for Core Studies 6, Landmarks of Literature, English Department, Brooklyn College Shakespeare and the Uses of Power, Stephen Greenblatt, The New York Review of Books, Vol 54, no 6, April 12, 2007 Outline of Aristotle's Theory of Tragedy in the POETICS, Barbara F. McManus, November 1999 retrieved on 23 April, 2007.

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Rosalynn Carter Quotes

Rosalynn Carter Quotes Rosalynn Carter, US First Lady 1977-1981, was an active campaigner for her husband, and an advisor and consultant to him. She managed the family business during much of his political career. Her focus as First Lady was mental health reform. Selected Rosalynn Carter Quotations Do what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make our world a better place. If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you cant accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through. A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they dont necessarily want to go, but ought to be. Times of upheaval require not just more leadership but more leaders. People at all organizational levels, whether anointed or self-appointed, must be empowered to share leadership responsibilities. There is clearly much left to be done, and whatever else we are going to do, we had better get on with it. I think I am the person closest to the President of the United States, and if I can help him understand the countries of the world, then thats what I intend to do. I had already learned from more than a decade of political life that I was going to be criticized no matter what I did, so I might as well be criticized for something I wanted to do. Jimmy will let me assume as much responsibility as I will.... Jimmy has always said that we the children and myself can do anything. Jimmys sister Ruth was my best friend and she had a picture of him on the wall in her bedroom. I just thought he was the most handsome young man Id ever seen. One day I confessed to her that I wished she let me take that photograph home. Because I just thought I had fallen in love with Jimmy Carter. (About her husbands naval service when he was away at sea) I learned to be very independent. I could take care of myself and the baby and do things that I never dreamed I would be able to do alone. (About her role in the familys peanut and warehouse business) He asked me to come and keep the office. And I had a friend who had taught an accounting course in the vocational technical school and she gave me a set of accounting books. I began to study accounting. I began to keep the books. And it was not too long before I knew actually as much or more about the business on paper than he did. There was no way I could understand our defeat. I had to grieve over our loss before I could look to the future. Where could our lives possibly be as meaningful as they might have been in the White House? If we have not achieved our early dreams, we must either find new ones or see what we can salvage from the old. If we have accomplished what we set out to do in our youth, we need not weep like Alexander the Great that we have no more worlds to conquer. You must accept that you might fail; then, if you do your best and still dont win, at least you can be satisfied that youve tried. If you dont accept failure as a possibility, you dont set high goals, and you dont branch out, you dont try you dont take the risk. Dont worry about polls, but if you do, dont admit it. Informed journalists can have a significant impact on public understanding of mental health issues, as they shape debate and trends with the words and pictures they convey.... They influence their peers and stimulate discussion among the general public, and an informed public can reduce stigma and discrimination. There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home. (President Jimmy Carter about Rosalynn Carter) Theres very seldom a decision that I make that I dont discuss with either to tell her after the fact what Ive done, or, very frequently, to tell her my options and seek her advice.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Reasons for the Travelers' Discontent with the Service Quality in Case Study

The Reasons for the Travelers' Discontent with the Service Quality in Flight - Case Study Example In this paper, we will look at the major problems faced by customers and come with ways to overcome them in the light of HR. We will make a human resource strategy plan which these airlines should apply for their proper management.The world of the airline business is increasing rapidly. The customers demand and expectations of people from airlines are increasing. But the only focus of airlines these days is to increase their market share, and in this bid, they tend to neglect many other issues which impact customer satisfaction. According to HR, it’s a duty of every company to provide good and satisfactory services to customers. This service doesn’t only promote the business but also makes a loyal customer of the company.Today’s customers aren’t very happy and content with the services provided by airlines. And most of these issues are related to customer services which eventually come under the human resource department. The ironic thing is that where tod ay’s business world is paying a lot of importance and priority to a human resource, many companies are only focused to make profits.Some of the common issues faced by customers these days by airlines are as following:- Unfriendly services and behavior towards customers in flight;Â   - Security measures are taken in a way that causes difficulties to passengers;Â   - Staffs of airline services are unfriendly and impolite; - Biased treatment to customers on the basis of class that they are traveling;Â   Â  -Unscheduled transit flights; - Slow action towards customers problem; - Unhelpful and hostile behavior towards customer demands and inquires.