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If I Was a Social Worker

Question: If I Was a Social Worker Film Paper Each student will select a film from the list below. The films listed each depict a person, and/or family who would greatly benefit from the help of a social worker. Using what you have learned in class about the goals and purposes of social work, the six core values and social work ethics, diversity, and the macro, mezzo and micro concepts, write a 3-4 page paper, typed, double spaced, that discusses how you would help one of the films main characters if you were their social worker. What would you do to help the client overcome the challenges they face, and move forward in life? Pick three of the following topics: the goals and purposes of social work, the six core values and social work ethics, diversity, and the macro, mezzo and micro concepts to discuss and apply them to the characters situation. Lastly, how are social workers portrayed in this film? Is the portrayal positive or negative? Is it a balanced portrayal? Answer: Objectives The fundamental mission of the social work calling is to enhance human success and help meet the principal human needs out of each other individual on earth, with particular attentiveness in regards to the needs and reinforcing of people who are vulnerable, abused, and living in poverty. A significant and describing part of social work is the calling's accentuation on individual thriving in a social association and the flourishing of society. Essential to social work is thought in regards to the natural powers that make, add to, and location issues in living. (Brodwin, 2013) Social workers advance social value and social change with and for the advantage of clients. Clients are used thoroughly to suggest individuals, families, social events, affiliations, and gatherings. Social workers are unstable to social and ethnic grouped qualities and try to end partition, misuse, dejection, and diverse sorts of social injustice. Social masters attempt to enhance the farthest point of people to address their own particular needs. Social authorities moreover hope to propel the responsiveness of affiliations, gatherings, and other social establishments to individuals' requirements and communal issue. (Carr and Beresford, 2012) Core Values There are certain core values that are necessary to be followed by the social workers. They are as below explained: Social workers' crucial objective is to assist public in need and to manage communal issues. Communal personnel raise organization to others on top of selfishness. Communal experts illustrate on their understanding, qualities, plus aptitudes to assist people inside want and to deal with communal issues. (Cragg, 2005) Social Justice Communal personnel confront communal unfairness. Communal personnel look for after communal alter, chiefly by means of and for unprotected and abused individuals and get-togethers of people. These activities hope to raise affectability to and data about abuse and social and ethnic arranged qualities. Dignity and Worth of the Person Communal experts take care of every individual in a minding and politely outline, watchful of person difference and social and racial contrasting qualities. Community authorities propel customers communally careful autonomy. Significance of Human Relationships Communal laborers perceive the focal significance of individual connections. Communities laborers comprehend so as to connections flanked by and in the middle of individuals are an essential means of transportation for alter. Communal laborer is consistently watchful of the calling main objective, principles, proper standards, and moral principles and performs in a method stable with them. Community laborers do something sincerely and mindfully and go forward ethical practice from the relations with which they are supplementary. Communal masters put into practice inside their districts of wellness and make and overhaul their master capacity. Communal experts unendingly attempt to grow their master data and capacities and to apply them essentially. (Ife, 2001) Losing Isaiah The film stares a drug addict Khaila Richards (Halle Berry), who leaves her baby, who instead is fostered and takes care by Margaret Lewin (Jessica Lange), who is a social worker here in this movie. She takes care of the baby and also develops a strong bond and a mother feeling for the baby. After knowing that the baby is born to a drug addict she brings the baby home to live with her family and provides him a home. Thus she provides a social justice. (Lambek, 2010)Then after 3 years Isaiah, the baby has been adopted by Margaret the social worker. Margaret does not object to it when Khaila get the custody of Isaiah after a long court battle because she knows that she is his mother and legally she has the right to get his custody thus respecting the human relationship and also holds her dignity while not doing so. Thus she gives Isaiah the liberty to decide where and to whom he wants to stay. Doing all this she has followed all the 6 core values that should be followed by the social w orker. Remark The social worker has been portrayed by Jessica Lange who is playing the role Margeret Lewin. She is acting in a positive role as she acts as a motherly guide to Isaiah when he was admitted to the hospital as well. She took care of Isaiah and also adopts him after 3 years down the line. Margeret has acted well in the role of a social worker she in fact she behaves with dignity and also hugs and embraces Khaila where she decides to let go Isaiah to stay with the Margeret and decide himself about his future. She respects Khaila when she wins the custody of her baby and understands her feelings as being a mother herself and thus does not object to what has been decided by the court. Thus Margeret Lewin portrays a good and successful social worker in the movie as according to the values laid down for the social workers. (Witkin, 2000) References Brodwin, P. (2013).Everyday ethics. Berkeley: University of California Press. Carr, S. and Beresford, P. (2012).Social care, service users and user involvement. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Cragg, W. (2005).Ethics codes, corporations, and the challenge of globalization. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Ife, J. (2001).Human rights and social work. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lambek, M. (2010).Ordinary ethics. New York: Fordham University Press. Witkin, S. (2000). Ethics-R-Us.Social Work, 45(3), pp.197-200.

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Social Media †Facebook

Facebook is among the most popular social media networking sites in today’s times. Facebook is highly popular due to its multiple applications and ease of communication it offers to the user. It allows users to share pictures, events and statuses in a single platform.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Social Media – Facebook specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Facebook has a number of benefits such as the ability to form groups, chat with friends and find information on multiple topics. Facebook is also highly informative due to the multiple pages on a host of topics including but not limited to health, education, science, exercise etc. It is also an ideal communication platform for relatives, friends and members of family who can stay connected to a single platform. More recently, mobile companies have enabled users to connect to Facebook through their phones. Mobile phone technology such as GPRS now al lows users to access Facebook from any location. This feature has made Facebook extremely popular among today’s generation. Staying connected has never been so simple and effective than it is on Facebook. Talking to friends and relatives or family members is now possible with a single Facebook account which is a perfect platform to chat and communicate. A more recent addition to the online chat program is the video calling feature which has gained immense popularity. Not only can one talk to people but also see them live with the help of this video chat feature. Individuals no longer have to yearn to keep in touch with their friends and dear ones. A single Facebook account enables users to achieve several functions all at once.Advertising Looking for essay on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another very important feature of Facebook is the online gaming portal which it offers to its users. There a re hundreds of thousands of games on Facebook which one can play at any given time. The interesting aspect is the ability to play these games with friends. There are multiple games like Poker, Diamond Dash, Zuma, Farm Heroes Sage and others on Facebook. Playing these games is a unique and special experience since it allows users to interact with friends and engage in healthy competition. There are no additional costs and users can play games absolutely free of cost. Facebook is becoming a highly successful platform not only for making new friends and finding old ones, but for accessing global and local news as well. Most of the news and media companies have launched their Facebook pages. This feature has added the extra benefit to Facebook, making it educational and purposeful. Besides being a medium to interact and communicate, Facebook has become a marketing platform for many popular brands. Today, one can easily access all the famous global brands on Facebook. Several small time businesses have become successful on Facebook. People, who do not have the capital to open a store, have launched their products on Facebook, gaining financial success and recognition. One can buy practically anything on Facebook from shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, phones, laptops, electronic etc. Many of these online stores offer the facility to make online payments and deliver goods to the buyer’s home.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Social Media – Facebook specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, through Facebook, people can engage in a host of activities such as playing games, interacting with friends, chatting, video conferencing, marketing, buying, selling and numerous others. Facebook is no longer only a social networking site to stay connected with friends and family. It has become a platform with online marketing options for the users. When used responsibly, Facebook is an excellent med ium for several purposes with extremely low cost and high benefits to the users. This essay on Social Media – Facebook was written and submitted by user Conor Richmond to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Learn About Causative Verbs

Learn About Causative Verbs In English grammar, a causative verb  is a verb  used to indicate that some person or thing makes s of causative verbs  include make, cause, allow, help, have, enable, keep, hold, let, force, and require, which can also be referred to as causal verbs or simply causatives. A causative verb, which can be in any tense, is generally followed by an object and another verb form- often an infinitive or a  participle  - and are used to describe something that happens because of a person, place, or thing whose actions bring about change in another entity. Interestingly enough, the word cause isnt the prototypical causative verb in English because cause has a much more specific and less frequently used definition than make, which is used most frequently to indicate someone making something happen. Allows vs. Lets English grammar is full of small rules that help speakers understand the vast  subtleties of correct usage and style. Such is the case with the rules pertaining to the causative verbs allows and lets, wherein both convey the same meaning - a person permits another to do something - but require different noun-verb form pairings to follow them. The word allows is almost always followed by an object, which in turn is followed by the infinitive form of the verb allows is modifying. Such is the case in the sentence Corey allows his friends to chat with him, wherein allows is the causative verb, his friends the object of the phrase, and to chat the infinitive form of what Corey is allowing his friends to do. On the other hand, the causative verbs lets is almost always followed by an object then the base form of the verb thats being modified. Such is the case in the sentence Corey lets his friends chat with him, wherein lets is the causative verb, his friends the object of the phrase, and chat the base form of the verb Corey lets his friends do. The Most Popular Causative Verb One would think that cause would be the most frequently used and typical example of causative verbs, but thats simply not the case. Francis Katamba explains in Morphology that the word cause is a causative verb but it has a more specialized meaning (implying direct causation) than make and it is much less common.   Instead, make is the most common causative verb, which also differs from other causative verbs in that it omits the word to from complementary verb clauses that follow while in the active form (make), but do require the word to while in the passive form of made. For example, Jill makes me run daily and I was made to run daily by Jill. In both senses, the causative verb make still implies that someone causes the subject to run, but English grammar dictates that the accompanying verb phrase for make differs for that of made. Rules like these abound in usage and style, and its important for English as an Alternative Language (EAL) students to commit these types of guidelines to memory - as they dont often appear in other forms.

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Archimedes Profile - About the Ancient Mathematician

Archimedes Profile - About the Ancient Mathematician Name: ArchimedesPlace of Birth: Syracuse, SicilyFather: PhidiasDates: c.287-c.212 B.C.Main Occupation: Mathematician/ScientistThe Manner of Death: Probably killed by a Roman soldier in the aftermath of the Roman siege of Syracuse. Famous Quote Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world.- Archimedes Life of Archimedes: Archimedes, a mathematician, and scientist who determined the exact value of pi, is also known for his strategic role in the ancient war and the development of military techniques. First the Carthaginians, then the Romans besieged Syracuse, Sicily, the birthplace of Archimedes. While in the end Rome won and killed him (during the second Punic War, probably in 212 at the end of the Roman Siege of Syracuse), Archimedes put up a good, almost single-handed defense of his homeland. First, he invented an engine that threw stones at the enemy, then he used glass to set the Roman ships on fire well, at least according to legend. After he was killed, the regret-filled Romans had him buried with honor. Education of Archimedes: Archimedes probably traveled to Alexandria, Egypt, home of the famous library, to study mathematics with the successors of Euclid. Some of Archimedes Accomplishments: The name Archimedes is connected to a pumping device now known as a Archimedes Screw, which he may have seen in operation in Egypt.He described the principles behind the pulley,fulcrum andlever. Eureka!: The word eureka comes from the story that when Archimedes figured out a way to determine whether the king (Hiero II of Syracuse), a possible relative, had been duped, by measuring the buoyancy of the kings supposedly solid gold crown in water, he became very excited and exclaimed the Greek (Archimedes native language) for I have found it: Eureka. Here is the relevant passage from a public domain translation of the passage from Vitruvius who wrote two centuries later: ​But a report having been circulated, that some of the gold had been abstracted, and that the deficiency thus caused had been supplied with silver, Hiero was indignant at the fraud, and, unacquainted with the method by which the theft might be detected, requested Archimedes would undertake to give it his attention. Charged with this commission, he by chance went to a bath, and being in the vessel, perceived that, as his body became immersed, the water ran out of the vessel. Whence, catching at the method to be adopted for the solution of the proposition, he immediately followed it up, leapt out of the vessel in joy, and, returning home naked, cried out with a loud voice that he had found that of which he was in search, for he continued exclaiming, in Greek, ÃŽ µÃ¡ ½â€¢Ã ÃŽ ·ÃŽ ºÃŽ ± [heà ºrÄ“ka] (I have found it out). - Vitruvius The Archimedes Palimpsest: A medieval prayerbook contains at least 7 of Archimedes treatises: Equilibrium of Planes,Spiral Lines,The Measurement of the Circle,Sphere and Cylinder,On Floating Bodies,The Method of Mechanical Theorems, andStomachion. The parchment still contains the writing, but a scribe re-used the material as a palimpsest. See William Noel Revealing the Lost Codex of Archimedes video. References: URL The Archimedes Palimpsest and URL Archimedes Palimpsest. Ancient Sources on the Weapons of Archimedes: Polybius Histories AUC 24:34Plutarch Life of Marcellus 14:7 And yet even Archimedes, who was a kinsman and friend of King Hiero, wrote to him that with any given force it was possible to move any given weight; and emboldened, as we are told, by the strength of his demonstration, he declared that, if there were another world, and he could go to it, he could move this. 8 Hiero was astonished, and begged him to put his proposition into execution, and show him some great weight moved by a slight force. Archimedes therefore fixed upon a three-masted merchantman of the royal fleet, which had been dragged ashore by the great labours of many men, and after putting on board many passengers and the customary freight, he seated himself at a distance from her, and without any great effort, but quietly setting in motion with his hand a system of compound pulleys, drew her towards him smoothly and evenly, as though she were gliding through the water. 9 Amazed at this, then, and com prehending the power of his art, the king persuaded Archimedes to prepare for him offensive and defensive engines to be used in every kind of siege warfare. These he had never used himself, because he spent the greater part of his life in freedom from war and amid the festal rites of peace; but at the present time his apparatus stood the Syracusans in good stead, and, with the apparatus, its fabricator. Silius Italicus Punica 14:300-315Lucian Hippias 2 Reference:Archimedes and the Invention of Artillery and Gunpowder, by D. L. Simms; Technology and Culture, (1987), pp. 67-79. Archimedes is on the list of Most Important People to Know in Ancient History. Read more about Archimedes in Discoveries in Science Made by Ancient Greek Scientists.

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Eonomic Signals and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Macroeconomics Essay - 1

Eonomic Signals and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Macroeconomics - Essay Example By analyzing the economic data and associated signals, business analysts are able to forecast and predict the future options and take decisions accordingly. Different business and economic analysts look and monitor different economic indicators according to their own requirements and needs. TYPES OF ECONOMIC SIGNALS USED BY ANALYSTS: These signals which are derived from the economic data can be categorized as direct signals or indirect signals. The direct signals are easy to interpret and relate with the economic condition. Whereas, the indirect or casual signals are used by the economic and business analyst in order to predict the indirect impact of macroeconomic indicator on the economic condition in future. This difference of direct and indirect signals can be explained with the help of an example. The economic reports about the increased GDP and growth in different commodities results in directly influencing the value of the currency and the investors in turn can make profits fro m it. The indirect signals which can be derived from the predictions about the increased GDP and economic growth, as a result of which the traders of currency indulge in buying more currency in anticipation of future growth in the currency value and making profits. MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF RETAIL SALES DATA AND INTERPRETATION OF DIRECT AND INDIRECT SIGNALS: The data of retail sales is generally used by different economic analysts in order to predict the amount of the personal or consumer consumption on different physical goods. Personal consumption is one of the four major components of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and directly reflects the economic condition of any country. Sometimes, economic analysts also use the data of retail sales in place of the consumer consumption in the calculation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), if actual data about consumer consumption is not available (Rogers, 4). In reference to the analysis of the business conditions, the increase in the ret ail sales clearly indicates the increase in the purchasing power of the consumers along with the increasing demand of the physical products. The retailers and manufacturers can take in turn predict that this increase in the retail sales will ultimately increase the price and in response to this the supply of the products increases in order to reap more benefits. All these factors will contribute in the process of economic growth and development. On the other hand if the retail sales decrease this signals the decrease in the purchasing power of consumers, along with decrease in the demand of the products. Which in turn will put downward pressure on the prices and will reduce the supply of these products. This as a whole will slow down the process of economic growth. Along with this the data about the retail sales can guide the business analysts about the changing demands and needs of the consumers. QUESTION # 2: HENRY HAZLITT CONCEPT OF COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS IN MACROECNOMICS: Henry H azlitt has proposed a whole new idea of economic policies and decisions. He, after second world war, presented in this book ‘Economics in One Lesson’ that the main concept behind all studies and theories of economies is that the analyst and policy makers should keep in mind the long term and larger impacts of any economy policy and not only the short term implications (Rockwell, 7).

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Television and Language Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Television and Language Development - Essay Example The articles read for this assignment suggest the 18 month old to 24 month old children are the ones most affect. Generally by the age of three, partially due to communication with others than the caregiver, children can overcome the negative effects of television on language development. The effects of watching television for young children are detrimental to language development. Our earlier population survey of the effects of TV viewing on development of 18-month-old children in three areas of Japan indicated the same result; that children with heavy TV viewing (more than 4Â  h per day) may have delayed development of meaningful word speech (not speaking more than one word) even with parental talk while watching TV, and that children who watched TV alone for long hours had delayed development not only of speech but also of language comprehension, pointing behavior and fine motor ability. In logistic analysis, factors affecting delayed development of language were suggested to be childrens television viewing for long hours and male sex, parents not reading picture books to children, not singing songs to children, not talking to children while doing housework and not talking to children while viewing TV. (Okuma & Tanimura, 2009) Children that get used to watching long hours of television by themselves tend to have delayed development. The child gets used to being satisfied with the television. Without any encouragement to interact or speak correctly, children do not use their language skills. Other than not learning these language skills from a caregiver, the child does not practice language skills due to the lack of motivation. Children that watch long hours of television lack language skills due being resistant to interacting with others. This interaction is not just between a conversation of child and caregiver. These children want limited interaction with adults.

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Human Resource Management in a business is extremely important Essay Example for Free

Human Resource Management in a business is extremely important Essay Human Resource Management in a business is extremely important. Good Human Resource Management can help make a successful business as it can help keep the employees happy and satisfied. In the leisure and recreation industry high quality human resource management is vital as the service delivered by the organisations are on a person to person basis. S o the business is going to need the right people with the right skills and attitude, and also need the right managers to motivate and train staff to do well in their jobs. Human Resource Management basically means the organisation of people in a company, and can also be defined by the tasks, which managers undertake in the area, such as recruitment, training and communication with the workforce and dealing with any problems that may arise with the employees. The key qualities that the employees should have are that they should be well enough trained and confident enough to communicate with customers. Most large companies organise their staff into teams or separate departments, with a head or manager of section in charge. In large organisations the role of the manager is to be largely responsible for the deployment and development of employees, a duty that can represent a substantial challenge and needs its own type of training. The manager needs to be trained in appraising staff, motivating individuals or teams in applying employment legislation correctly. The roles of the Human Resource Manager in different sized organisations differ a lot. A manager in a large business would be a trained specialist and would know how to motivate his staff a lot more effectively, as he can concentrate solely on his employees. Where as a manager in a smaller business has the equal amount of responsibility, but this will be added to the responsibility for marketing strategies, financial decisions, stock control and many other jobs to do, perhaps for fewer staff but none the less a complex range of roles to perform. Here at ECC we have a very good Human Resource Management department that motivates the staff very well and is extremely organised, we aim to make sure that our employees are happy and that there is a friendly atmosphere evident for the customers to feel welcome. External and Internal Influences that affect Human Resource Planning Many large and medium sized businesses today have a personnel department. Its main role will be to manage the firms human resources. These are the employees or personnel in a business that help it to achieve its objectives. They might include production workers, office staff, members of the marketing team, accountants or cleaners. Human Resource Planning is the method by which a business forecasts how many and what type of employees it needs at present and in the future. It also involves matching up the right type of employees to the needs of the business. A business will work out its labour requirements, its demand, and make sure that an appropriate supply is demanded. There are many external and internal influences that can affect the success of the human resource management team and its planning for the short and long term. The difference between these influences from the point of view of Human Resource Planning (HRP) is that external is outside the immediate control of organisations, where as internal are more within control of organisations and can be more responsive to good HRP. The external factors can be simplified to the mnemonic PESTLE. These factors affect any leisure and recreation organisation. Each letter influences a business in different ways. Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental Political This is concerned with how political developments, regionally, nationally and internationally might affect a leisure and recreation businesses strategy and objectives. A change of government might affect a Leisure and Recreation provider such as our company ECC because they may introduce new policies or taxes that would mean our business may have to have to pay more direct tax and would consequently mean that our company would have less capital to spend on improving the business, or increasing employees wages. Political Instability could also occur in the United Kingdom. This could cause unrest within a country and could reduce the amount of people visiting your organisation. Here at ECC we may be affected, as there is a possibility of war with Iraq, which would mean people wouldnt visit the UK or the USA as the countries could be destructed by a war. That means we wouldnt have a business, as we would not get any customers visiting our restaurants so we would end up bust. Economic This incorporates: * Government Policy Monetary Policy and Interest Rates * Economic Variables Inflation and Unemployment Levels. The Monetary Policy is used to manage the level of demand in the economy with a particular emphasis on controlling the money supply. Monetary Policy can be used to: * Expand the economy by allowing more money to circulate and increase spending. * Control spending and restricts increases in money flowing around the economy which may lead to price rises. The government has used a variety of methods in the past to control the money supply. One is by changing the Interest Rates. Interest Rates is the rate of which businesses and people have to pay back money on loans and on there credit cards. The Monetary Policy meet to determine how much money they want circulating in the UK economy so that it can affect the money supply and inflation. An increase in Interest Rates can reduce the money supply. If interest rates increases, the rate of borrowing rises. That can affect leisure organisations such as ECC a great deal because if we want to expand and develop more restaurants in the UK then that would cost us more money to take out a loan, as the banks would charge us more interest. So then we may have to up our prices and pass on the increase of interest to our customers, which would then decrease the demand of our products, and may go to competitors such as McDonalds or Burger King. The level of inflation is when prices are rising (the rate of inflation) this also has an effect on consumer spending tending to slow down due to the high prices. Due to the loss of demand it has a knock on effect upon suppliers, who pass the increased fixed costs to companies such as ECC. That means that we would have to pay more for all our raw materials such as our food and cooking and cleaning goods and then that means increased prices. Our Human Resource Management department would be effected as that means we wouldnt be able to increase the wages of the employees like they may want, as we cant afford the rise in inflation, which could lead to de- motivation in our staff and the possibility of employees leaving. Unemployment levels at a high level, generally means the UK population as a whole has less money to spend on leisure and recreation activities, and instead spend the money on essential goods. When employment levels are high the population feel confident and have more disposable income to spend on luxury goods or on leisure activities. That could influence our HRP in two ways. Either by having a lot of people spending a lot in our restaurant as they have more money, which means we could afford to give our employees pay rise. Which then would make our staff more motivated and then work more efficiently and produce a better service to customers. And the opposite effect being less demand from customers and then less profit, and we would have to reduce prices to increase demand. By doing that the staff would not get any more money and become more de- motivated. Social The factors include Consumer Trends, which are the trends of the UK population. If the economy is experiencing an upturn in demand that means a company such as ourselves that means we would have to employ more staff as the increase in demand needs more staff to cope with the queues and maintain our service standard of fast, quality food to our customers. So we would employ part time staff so they can be flexible and if the demand decreases then we could not use them or pay them as much. Our HRP may need to be modified if there is a sudden demographic change to our customer base. There is an increase in the grey market in the United Kingdom these are the over 50s so that means we may employ more over 50 staff to appeal to the grey market as they generally have higher disposable incomes and more free time to come to our restaurant. So that could be something for our HRP to decide on, so we can provide a service to a wider market and then increase our profits. Technological We should improve our technology in ECC by maybe having to introduce online booking at our restaurants to keep up with the ongoing advances in technology and make our company have an advantage over our competitors. It would need high levels of investment, and increasing amounts of customers means ECC would have to employ more staff and also have to pay more on training the staff to be suitably equipped to deal with the new technology which would then mean having to pay out more for the wages of the employees. Legal Legal factors could include new health and safety legislation, such as tighter fire precautions, which would mean that our employees would have to go away to an external environment to be trained correctly to make sure ECC cant be sued due to staff not being trained in health and safety. Environmental Here at ECC we make sure there are no reasons why we as a company arent being environmentally friendly and then we arent subject to pressure groups demonstrating against the business, which then would lead to a loss of profit, as demand would decrease because of protestors against us. There are also internal factors that can affect businesses HRP. Structure and Ownership can lead to good and bad HRP. ECC being a large hierarchical organisation has many staff on many levels need a carefully researched human resource plan, which we have to avoid poor communication between restaurants. We make sure each manager of each restaurant across the world takes into account there employees opinions to make our company better as they are the experts in their job. That is all to increase the profits of the business and make it more efficient. The Size and Location can also affect a company and its HRP. We deliver one type of service, so all staff everywhere can be trained to the same standard across the organisation so we achieve the same results and provide the same great service. The location of the business can also be key, because if it is located in the countryside instead of the town centre where we locate our restaurants then we wouldnt appeal to such a wide market and then not get as much profit, which would lead to less money being put towards our employees who are vital.